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The long and thorough process of evaluating the many varied entries in the Laguna Wood Cup has been completed.  A very big thank-you from all of us, for the high quality of the entries you have shared with us, but… as we said, there can only be but ONE winner…

The 2014 Laguna Woodcup Winner is:

Gus Duncan from the Gold Coast

For his outstanding efforts in producing what he describes as “Ride-able Art”, his hand-built timber bicycle frames are candy to the eye, easily meeting (and exceeding)  the elements detailed in our selection process; Originality, Beauty, Material Application , Composition and Resolution.

Woodcup Winner

The organic form of these frames, compliment the natural materials selected, and rather than being a trophy piece, these frames are indeed built (or, to do them credit… ENGINEERED) for function.  Gus’ passion for his work is evident in his presentation, and I doubt there would be very many who would not be happy to own such a piece (yes please!), and a few more may be inspired to try making one!  Be inspired people!  Gus makes these frames with basic machinery, and plenty of time taken for hand finishing.  He hopes to soon put pen-to-paper (kind of), and produce an E-Book, detailing the processes of manufacture, even offering pre-fabricated componentry to help you on the way.  Here is one woodworker, inspiring and encouraging other woodworkers.

Congratulations Gus!  I hope the simple addition of our Laguna 14|Twelve bandsaw to your workshop will see you continue to foster your love of this unique art form.  Look forward to receiving your prize’s early in the New Year.

Again,  Thank-you to everybody who entered.  We will be showcasing many of the entries here on the Lagunanation website, and on our Facebook page (  Come and check out the quality and scale of some of the work that is out there!


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